Take-Two Is Bringing Its IP to the Big Screen

It's been a good week for videogame adaptations. Days ago we learned of a Castlevania Netflix series helmed by Adi Shakar due out soon, and today we've got something with the potential to be even more massive: IP licensed for film from Take-Two Interactive.

Take-Two is of course the powerhouse owner of Rockstar Games, the acclaimed developer behind the absurdly successful Grand Theft Auto series. Speaking with MCV, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick remarked on what's possible, though in an admittedly vague fashion.


We have licensed a couple of titles for motion picture production and we don’t have much more to say about that yet. We are open-minded. We are certainly not going to use our own balance sheet to invest in motion pictures and TV. If other people want to license them and we can retain creative control, we are open-minded. The track record of the conversion of video game IP to motion pictures is spotty at best.
Like Shankar, Zelnick acknowledges game adaptations' quality problem historically – a good sign. Of course, the possibilities with licensed Take-Two intellectual property are near limitless, and the fact that Take-Two prioritizes that it retain creative control suggests that maybe, just maybe, the projects born from this will amount to something great.

As for me? I'd be all for a Grand Theft Auto V Trevor Philips spinoff TV series or movie. I want Steve Ogg to reprise his role. And I want to see this scene recreated in a glorious Hollywood display of grandeur. Will it happen? No idea, but it sure sounds amazing.