Select Retailers Will Get Nintendo Switch Consoles For Midnight Release

After insisting to the whole world that the Nintendo Switch wouldn't have issues with supply, Nintendo, of course, has experienced issues with supply of their new console. The Nintendo Switch is selling out anywhere and everywhere, usually in a matter of hours or minutes, making a lot of hopefuls regret their decision to not pre-order when they had the chance.

Fortunately, Nintendo has extended an olive branch to these folks, with an announcement this morning that "select retailers" will have midnight openings on March 3.

This may be enough to bail out the holdovers or skeptics who didn't want to pre-order a Switch based off its debut event alone, but who are now wishing they had.

It's hard to blame people who didn't pre-order, given that we've learned more about the Nintendo Switch since the launch event than we learned at the launch event. We didn't even know how much the online services would cost before the initial bunch of pre-orders sold out.

From then on, any time a retailer did get a shipment, it was gone faster than the original.