Nintendo Switch Boxes Are Arriving At Retailers, Here’s What They Look Like

Can you believe it? In less than three weeks the next generation of Nintendo will officially be on store shelves. It's a big moment for not only anyone interested in gaming, but Nintendo which has most recently struggled with hardware sales performance.

Although the Switch has run into a few snags since its reveal, it appears to be a very well composed device that is both attractively designed and ambitious. Nintendo is going all in, and now that we're just a couple weeks out from launch day retailers are setting up shop for what is sure to be a crazy month.

A few photos have found their way online of what the product boxes look like for the Nintendo Switch. These are the boxes that the console comes packaged in, which many gamers use as decoration for their gaming space.

These boxes also serve an important role of trying to convey what the product is to consumers who might not be aware of what this thing really is. The hybrid style of the switch is something that is difficult to describe with just a couple images, but Nintendo has tried to do so in the most minimalist way possible.

Also, here's a quick look at what the display boxes look like prior to set up. You'll be able to see these at many retailers including Target and Best Buy.

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