Sony’s Handheld Patent Published Today Looks Awfully Familiar

It was just yesterday that I wrote about Nintendo's upcoming Switch serving as a spiritual successor to the PlayStation Vita, but new information published earlier today suggests that the story may not be so simple.

In a patent created in 2015 and only just recently put out, Sony outlines details for a handheld device that looks an awful lot like, well, the Nintendo Switch. It's unclear if the device is a hybrid intended to serve as both a home console and handheld, but it's form factor sure does resemble what Nintendo ultimately came up with.

Also not clear is whether the "Joy-Con" portions of the device are removable. A quick glance suggests yes, but a bottom view of the theoretical console quickly debunks that idea, as they appear bolted or screwed on. It's not really Sony's responsibility to clarify given that it's only a patent, but still; I can't help wondering about this now every time I read about the Switch. A strategically timed publication from Sony, perhaps? We're not likely to know any time soon.