This Guy Couldn’t Wait Any Longer For the Switch, So He Made One Out Of Legos

Hype for the Nintendo Switch has increased tenfold during the past week following the release of press previews for both the console and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This surge of interest can be seen with several metrics, including Google traffic, social media discussion, in addition to the price of pre-orders being flipped on sites like eBay.

For those who have the Switch pre-ordered, all that matters is getting their hands on the console. They want it now. Releasing this Friday, it's expected that millions of Americans will head to their local retailer to pick up a console, in some cases in the hope of acquiring one of the small number of units that will be available for people who didn't already lock in their purchase.

One consumer in particular tried to kill the time by creating a Nintendo Switch replica of his own. Without a 3D printer or anything of the sort, nktrain64 relied on Legos instead. He was able to not only craft the Screen and Joy-Cons, but also the Dock. Fake it till you make it?

This setup was made using less than 35 Lego pieces. You might notice some surprising details, such as how the Screen has a kickstand on the back, and can be docked. The Joy-Cons can even be separated from the Screen to be "used" individually. With enough imagination, this might as well be the real thing.


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