1, 2 Switch Sees Widely Requested Price Drop, But Not In North America… Yet

The Nintendo Switch doesn't have a large launch library, to a point where its software could be considered the console's greatest fault at launch. Many are willing to forgive this due to the inclusion of a Zelda game, but without much else to play until summer when Splatoon 2 comes out, some are worried that they will lose interest in the device shortly after purchase.

Among the launch titles is 1, 2 Switch, a game built specifically to take advantage of the Switch's unique attributes. When it was announced that it would not be included with the console, many were disappointed; its high price point didn't help. The good news is Nintendo appears to be in the process of making the price more reasonable.

1,2 Switch has seen a price reduction on Amazon Germany. Although originally priced at 49,99€, it is now listed for 34,99€.

It is unclear if this price drop will affect all regions, including the United States where it's still priced at $49.99.

1, 2 Switch is currently the second most preordered title for the Switch. It's reasonable to argue that it's a must-have given that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild doesn't necessarily showcase the console's full technological capabilities, something Nintendo usually is on top of (i.e. Wii Sports and Nintendo Land). However, when its price is only $10 less than something like Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey, it's tough to argue its value.

We have reached out to Nintendo for a statement on the price drop.