Starcraft Probe Becomes Latest Addition To Heroes Of The Storm

You know when Batman: Arkham Origins reached really far into DC's rogues gallery to disastrous, Firefly-filled results? Heroes of the Storm just showed them the right way to do it.

No stranger to adding Starcraft units, Heroes of the Storm has now added in perhaps the most unexpected one: Probius, the curious Probe, or the worker of the Protoss race in Starcraft. It's not a Zealot or a Stalker or a Dark Templar. it's just the Probe. It's a way of highlighting the smaller pieces without becoming completely irrelevant.

Being only good for warping better things in while playing the popular RTS, he seems to be good for … roughly the same thing in Heroes of the Storm. In addition to being damned adorable, Probius can bring in a photon cannon (wouldn't recommend a Zerg rush on this guy), slow enemies in an AOE and do massive damage when combined with his Disruption Pulse ability.

I'm not much of a memer, so I'll let you tell everyone what you need to construct (which actually seems like a really good strategy when playing with this hero).

This marks the fourteenth Starcraft hero available in Heroes of the Storm.

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