Ubisoft Continues Strong Post-Launch Support For Steep, Free Weekend This Week

Ubisoft has been on a roll lately when it comes to post-launch support for its games. Not only has Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege seen dramatic improvement since its release in late 2015, but Tom Clancy's The Division is virtually unrecognizable from its original form.

While the argument could be made that these efforts have been in the interest of maximizing profits from its biggest games, you might be surprised to find that Ubisoft has been employing these efforts across all its games, including those that may not be so popular. Such is the case of Steep, a title that hasn't gotten a lot of attention despite being this generation's only snowsport game.

This last week a free update was deployed which introduced attractive content to the game. Not only did it add Alaska to the map, but it also included the following:

  • Grinding: In Alaska, there’s new spots to try adding a new spin to tricks, including more colorful villages and snow banks. Grinding on rails is now easier in Steep, and you can combine these with other tricks to create truly sick stunts.
  • Spinelines: Exploring Alaska in Steep can feel just like it would in real life. With long, winding trail of spinelines down the side of epic Mount Denali, you can cut and carve your way to sweet lines.
  • Editor Mode: New camera angles are available for your editing pleasure! You can also remove the HUD to ensure your final creation is polished and nothing gets in the way of showing off crazy stunts.

The improvements to grinding in particular have been a huge boon to the Steep community, let alone the addition of a massive new area modeled after Alaska's Mount Denali.

In an effort to encourage gamers to give the game and its new content a try, Ubisoft will be offering a full free-to-play weekend this week. From March 10th to the 12th, the full Steep experience will be available at no cost. Those who find the game alluring will be able to purchase the game at a notable discount.

The free download will be available on all platforms, made downloadable from official storefronts.

You can read our full review of Steep here.