PS4 Is Now The First Console To Support Day One Patch Pre-Loading

Nothing is more irritating than staying up for a midnight launch only to spend an hour or more having to install and update a game. Pre-loads have been hugely beneficial in this regard, but with multi gigabyte day one updates being so common, they aren't the end all solution.

Enter patch pre-loading, a new system pioneered by Sony. As explained by the official LittleBigPlanet Twitter account, "You can download the update early and install it at that time when the new update officially launches". This effectively allows you to complete all necessary downloads for a game prior to its launch, including the hefty day one patches that have caused frustration for many consumers.

This addition was included in the recent 4.5 system software update which was only advertised to include improved 2D images in PSVR, voice chat for remote play, off-console availability, and PS4 Pro Boost Mode.

Sony has been making huge strides in improving its digital distribution platform due to digital transactions growing in volume at a fast pace this generation. Some analysts believe digital sales will triumph physical sales in the console space within the next few years.