Injustice 2 Gets Firestorm Trailer, Introduces Source Crystals

It's tough to think past March or April with so many high profile releases on the horizon, but if you manage to do so you may remember that Injustice 2 is arriving this May. Warner Bros. has been trickling out character trailers and new info leading up to release, and has done so today with a new trailer for fighter Firestorm, as well as information regarding the game's "Source Crystals."

The trailer appeared on the official Injustice YouTube channel earlier today, and can be viewed below. The trailer is adorned with the following caption to describe Firestorm's importance to the game.


The line between hero and villain has become blurred as the most epic battle in the DC universe rages on in Injustice 2. While Batman has emerged the victor in his battle against the Regime, a new threat arises and poses the ultimate threat to Earth.


Meanwhile, the Injustice website has disclosed information on Source Crystals, an in-game currency used for purchasing "cosmetic features for characters." While this may illicit immediate groans from certain fans, I do generally prefer to at least have the option for digital currency as opposed to real money, even if acquiring it proves a little bit arduous.

WB Games is also quick to point out that Source Crystal purchases are not for pay-to-win or advantage-offering items; the tweaks awarded are purely cosmetic.


Source Crystals can only be used to purchase cosmetic adjustments to your fighters, Premiere character Skins with no gameplay advantage, and various Shaders for character costumes.

You can also Transform Gear with Source Crystals. Transform Gear allows you to apply the visuals of one piece of Gear to another piece. For example, if you have a piece of Gear with your perfect stat loadout but it doesn’t have your perfect look, you can apply the visuals from one of your other pieces of Gear to it. After using Transform Gear, your Gear piece will have your preferred stats matched with your preferred visuals.


There's an entire Source Crystal FAQ on the community post if you're looking for further details, but for the overall gist just know that what you purchase is purely for looks, and the Crystals are meant to offer fun visual variety as well as "help you save time in the game" through a character-leveling, a convenience that will similarly not affect gameplay or game progression.

Injustice 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS on May 16th, so let's hope any other confusing bits are released and digested before then.