Overwatch PTR Patch Will Curb The Number Of Draws (Somehow)

Competitive Overwatch is almost always just a better game mode. No longer will you push a payload 99.9% of the way to the end only to time-out before capping and flat-out lose. It then puts your opponent in the Attack position and charges them with beating your distance. This creates a much more *ahem* competitive environment that reduces the effectiveness of cheesy strategies and almost always ensures that the more versatile team won.

That is, with the exception of Draws, which are the bane of any competitive player's existence. Despite the inclusion of a whole 3 competitive points and whatever experience you earned, your SR doesn't change at all, so draws essentially render your entire game useless. While this doesn't happen on pure Escort maps and can happen rarely on hybrid maps, it mostly rears its ugly head on Assault, or "2CP," maps, which include Hanamura, Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries.

While the Overwatch team insists the draw rates on this map are relatively low, the rates are higher than they'd like them to be. Capping that second point is so hard on offense because of the defenders have to travel all of fifty feet after respawn, whereas offenders have to travel around 100 meters. Luckily a new patch that is soon to hit the PTR will address the issue of rampant draws in competitive Overwatch.

Jeff Kaplan said on the forums "We have changes coming to the PTR very soon. These changes will greatly diminish the number of draws. More details inc[oming] extremely soon."

It's safe to assume the very next PTR patch will address this issue. This is also an indicator that the Respawn Delay that was added in a few patches ago was not enough to curb the problem of rampant draws. This increased the respawn time for defenders per dead teammate, which meant it would be much harder for a teammate to pick a hyper-mobile hero like Tracer or Lucio and just stall the point while their team waits to respawn.

But apparenty that change wasn't enough, and, as Kaplan says, this assault on draws will go even further, as they have plans down the line to fix draws in Capture the Flag and Elimination as well.

There is no word yet on exactly how they intend to curb draws. GameRevolution will have more as the story develops.