You Can Play Splatoon 2 For Free Later This Week

Although the Nintendo Switch is in dire need of games, a few high profile releases are coming in the months ahead. Chief among them is Splatoon 2, a family friendly online shooter that is the sequel to one of 2015's best games. Although it might not be arriving until Summer, Nintendo will allow everyone with a Switch to try the game out later this week.

Nintendo has announced what it's calling a "Global Testfire" for Splatoon 2. This serves as an open beta for the game, showcasing some of the game's features while also providing feedback for Nintendo as it completes development of the title.

The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire will be host from March 24th to March 26th on the hours that follow:

  • ​​March 24: 12-12:59 p.m. PT
  • March 24: 8-8:59 p.m. PT
  • March 25: 4-4:59 a.m. PT
  • March 25: 12-12:59 p.m. PT
  • March 25: 8-8:59 p.m. PT
  • March 26: 4-4:59 a.m. PT

The client can be downloaded on the Nintendo eShop starting today.

Nintendo has confirmed that Splatoon 2 will support both the Joy-Con and Pro controller. Taking advantage of the Switch's feature set, it can be played both in Docked and Handheld mode.