Something Big Is Coming Next Friday From Total War

It seems it's not enough to just announce things anymore – you have to announce that there's going to be an announcement. The latest to go along with the practice? Total War.

In fairness, Total War's announcement was rather low-key. No big social media post, no trailer dropped on YouTube, no exclusive deal with any publication. They just changed their homepage. Now, when you go to, you're redirected to "," where the only thing you see is a countdown timer, that will complete next Friday.

So what could it be? Well, if they're keeping pace with their last two releases, Total War: Atilla and Total War: Warhammer, both of which came out in the last two years, we could be looking at another full Total War release.

However, if I could speculate wildly, we could be looking at a much bigger announcement, given that the last games were just sort of announced. A countdown timer announcement like this suggests something more important.

I guess we'll find out next week.