EA Is Readying New Star Wars Battlefront And Need for Speed Games To Be Playable Right Before E3

If you haven't heard, EA is hosting its own event around the time of the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year, entitle "EA PLAY." The event, scheduled to be held in Hollywood, will allow the public to get its hands on some of EA's biggest upcoming releases, and today the company revealed more details regarding what it has planned.

In a post to its website, EA confirmed that the EA PLAY event scheduled for June 10-12 will showcase both the next Star Wars Battlefront experience, as well as the what the company has in store for its Need for Speed franchise.


So let's get to it. From June 10 – 12, players joining us in Hollywood will get hands on with the next Star Wars™ Battlefront and Need for Speed™ experiences. You'll also get your first chance to play many of our upcoming EA SPORTS™ titles: Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18 and NBA LIVE 18. This isn't all, by the way…and we'll have more to share in the coming months.

Beyond the hands-on experience in Hollywood, we have an extensive content program for our players joining us online. Throughout the three-day event we will be providing you with detailed gameplay deep dives, competitive events and exclusive interviews with the development teams. So whether you're experiencing EA PLAY in-person or watching online, be sure to join us starting June 10.


As you may have noticed, EA is making its PLAY event calendar-worthy for non attendees as well, with streams of gameplay and interviews to keep gamer eyeballs trained squarely on what the Mass Effect publisher is preparing. It's a fine idea, but it certainly dilutes the viewing pool the more companies that do it; Nintendo's Treehouse streams at E3 have proven popular in a similar way, and while effective, I don't think I'd want every publisher hosting its own entire program either. Thankfully, that does not appear to be the case at the current time.

Tickets to EA PLAY go on sale on April 20th, so if Battlefront and Need for Speed are atop your most wanted list (see what I did there?) then be sure to get tickets or bookmark the stream come June. EA says it will be sharing "a lot more" regarding PLAY and is taking fan feedback into account, so definitely tweet them whatever it is you're looking for.