Dota 2 International 2017 Tickets Go On Sale April 4th

Dota 2's The International Tournament has been an annual treat, bringing us the highest tier of eSports competition, with the highest prize pools, and some of the best games you could possibly ask for. Tickets for this year's event will go on Sale April 4 at 10 a.m., with a second wave going on sale and 10 p.m. (pacific time). You can purchase tickets at those times here. Although the city and venue have not changed, the price of the tickets to attend have. Anywhere from a 33% increase to outright doubling.

For The International, you can get one of two types of tickets, or both. There's the Midweek ticket, that will get you access to the first four days of the tournament, and then there's the Finals ticket that will grant you access to the last two days of the tournament. If you only buy the Midweek ticket, you can watch the finals outdoors, where it is streamed on the KeyArena grounds.

Last year, for the 2016 International, the cost of the Midweek and Finals tickets were $75 and $100, respectively. This year, it's going to be $100 for the Midweek ticket and a whopping $200 for the finals ticket, making the total cost $300, up from last year's $175.

Still, though, if you can afford it, The International is not an experience you want to miss, with top-notch gaming giants coming from all over the world to compete for millions of dollars in prize money.