April Fools 2017 Strikes Early With Final Fantasy Tactics Alexander Announcement

While April Fools isn't until tomorrow, for people not on the West Coast, tomorrow is already here. That's why Square Enix is already getting in on the fun for its Japanese audience, who is in the early hours of April Fools, by "announcing" Tactics Alexander with the trailer above.

What makes this joke hurt the most is how appealing that game actually looks. It would be another installment in Final Fantasy Tactics series, covering one of the series proper's most central figures.

For Final Fantasy fans, Square Enix might as well have done a Half-Life 3 announcement for us Valve fans. It comes off as more of a cruel jest than anything else.

This certainly won't be the last time we're trolled by game developers. Dota 2 changed all the exclamation points (used to signify creep, or hero denial) with a question mark, to up the troll factor.

I, for one, am glad I'll be away from my computer tomorrow.