Celebrate Persona 5 Day With This Launch Trailer

To those counting the days, the wait is now over. Persona 5 launches globally today, and pre-order packages ought to be hitting mailboxes and doorsteps any minute now assuming your vendor of choice provides launch day delivery. If you're still waiting for that fateful moment, there is a means of killing time – Atlus and Sony have prepared a launch trailer in honor of the hotly anticipated JRPG's April 4th worldwide release (outside of Japan that is. The game is old news there).

The trailer utilizes Persona 5's anime scenes to set the premise of the main story. Though it may appear to use these scenes liberally, I wouldn't worry; I hear the game is loaded with quality story moments and animation to flesh things out. What you're seeing in this trailer likely only scratches the surface.

As you may have heard, Persona 5 is already doing quite well critically. Our own review settled on a sterling 5/5 score, while the title has managed to maintain a rare 94 metascore, quite impressive up against to most titles of the past two years and very much a standout in any year, even the shockingly good 2017.

For more Persona 5, you can check out our review here. Stuck on launch day or simply in search of tips to prepare before your copy arrives? Try these strategic tips on for size in advance.