Free To Play MMO Marvel Heroes Is Coming To PS4 And Xbox One As Marvel Heroes Omega

The MMORPG genre has discovered in the past decade (and even before that with Final Fantasy XI) that it can function just fine on consoles as well as PC, thank you very much. The latest game to embrace this trend is the free-to-play Marvel Heroes, revealed to be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 earlier this morning.

Under the new guise of Marvel Heroes Omega, the announcement was made via trailers uploaded to both the PlayStation and Xbox YouTube channels .You can check out the PS4 rendition (both are quite similar) below.

Admittedly Heroes is no technical marvel (see what I did there?), but it is free – surely any console owner interested in Marvel's universe ought to at least be intrigued. The trailer depicts a scene a Star-Lord mocking Loki and breaking into dance as Loki demands that all in the vicinity kneel before him, so clearly the game is after the lighthearted feel that many of the Marvel films have also adopted.

Marvel Heroes Omega is set to release later this year, per the video's description. I tend to be open minded about MMOs, especially free ones that I can invest an initial 10 or so hours and see how I fare, so it's something I'll likely be checking out when it finally rolls around. Of course, you can always try the existing PC game in advance as well if that suits your style better.