MXM Closed Beta Starts Today, Founder’s Packs Revealed

Master X Master (MXM) is heading toward its final weeks in development. In anticipation of launch, and expectations regarding server stability and balance, NCSoft is hosting a massive closed beta.

The MXM closed beta began this morning unlocking PvE and PvP modes, in addition to fan-favorite minigames.

NCSoft has released details regarding its three varieties of Founder's Pack which unlock masters (characters) and skins. It's worth noting that the game is free-to-play, so these packs include permanent master unlocks and vanity goods. Their contents is as follows:

Recruit Pack – $19.99

  • Masters: Cagnazzo, Taejin, Innowin, Demenos
  • Skins: Steampunk Innowin, DevKit Innowin
  • Unique Title: Battle Tested

Solider Pack – $59.99

All the Recruit Pack content plus:

  • Masters: Jinsoyun, Sonid, Vita, Ignuma
  • Skins: Inmate Cagnazzo
  • Starter Kit: Gold Booster T-2 (3 days); XP Booster T-2 (3 days); Auto-Collector (3 days); Life Charger (x3); Noah Recovery Kit (x3); Noah Burst Heal Kit (x3)
  • Unique Title: Sol Warrior
  • Name reservation

Master Pack – $99.99

All the Recruit/Soldier Pack content plus:

  • Masters: Statesman, Vonak, Lilu, Maia, Jingtai, Nedien, Moro
  • Skins: Mobster Taejin, Little Dragon Jingtai, Lifeguard Vonak
  • Unique Title: Scourge of Atlas
  • Digital Soundtrack: Immediate download

The closed beta will last through April 27th. You can sign up by registering on the official site.

MXM is a MOBA with several neat concepts that may appeal to fans of the genre looking for something new including WASD controls and a TAG system that allows players to swap control between two characters during play.