G2A Breaks Silence Over Gearbox Controversy, Calls Allegations By TotalBiscuit ‘False and Defamatory’

Quickly turning into the biggest gaming controversy of 2017, the ongoing situation with controversial marketplace G2A.Com and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition developer Gearbox Software just got more interesting, with G2A breaking their silence after Gearbox axed what would have been a huge partnership for both sides.

In a statement sent to GameRevolution, G2A contended that all sales that happen on their marketplace are of legitimately acquired keys, despite the firm reports from developers. When this happens, developers lose valuable keys and get no money in return, and have to pay fees for credit card chargebacks.

"The reality is that the keys on G2A.COM come from legitimate sources," G2A said in the statement. "Most of the allegations levied against us are based on both a lack of knowledge, and a lack of desire to learn the other side of the story. The best example of this is quoting false and defamatory statements while ignoring the facts."

Especially on the issue of fake keys, one Reddit user by the name of LuigiTheLord already showed that G2A is susceptible to the resale of illegitimately acquired keys during the infamous AMA with the online marketplace. G2A didn't vow to change after that – they simply banned the user.

G2A also contends that G2A Shield is merely an extra layer of protection, and that purchases without Shield are already protected. This very well might be the case, but it would also mean that the scores of people who have complained about not receiving a refund from the purchase of an illegitimate key haven't gone about the refund process correctly.

"Out partner, Gearbox Publishing, unfortunately decided to publicly publish a letter with a list of ultimatums, without consulting us about the truth of allegations made by John Bain," G2A said in the statement.

At this point, though, the deal with Gearbox appears to already be off, which raises the question as to why G2A didn't come forward sooner to try to save the deal. We have reached out to G2A about this issue, and we will update the story upon response.