Bayonetta Arrives On PC As Best Version Yet

After eight years of console exclusivity, Bayonetta has released on PC. Priced at $14.99, the port is currently available on Steam.

Bayonetta's PC version supports 60 FPS, a large number of resolutions up to 4K, new anti-aliasing methodology, and other options that push its graphical fidelity beyond the game's three console ports.

Originally, Bayonetta ran at 720p on Xbox 360 and PS3, with the latter suffering from severe screen tearing and an average frame rate of around 30 FPS. A Wii U version would later arrive alongside Bayonetta 2 that would correct many of the graphical woes of its other versions.

All purchases made during the next two weeks will be upgraded to Digital Deluxe for free. This includes a digital soundtrack, digital art book, wallpapers, and avatars.

Unlike a number of AAA games from 2009, Bayonetta has aged remarkably well. Though, you will certainly want to play this game with a controller as it's unwieldy on keyboard & mouse.