Overwatch Disables Two Game Modes As Server Issues Plague Opening Of Uprising Event

As you can see in the video above, the popular Overwatch map King's Row has been ransacked as part of the Uprising event. Little did we know that those images are also an accurate depiction of the state of Overwatch servers at the moment.

Shortly after the update rolled out, Blizzard Customer support Tweeted that "Some Overwatch players may be experiencing latency or disconnections. We are investigating now."

Not even an hour later, Blizzard community manager posted in the forums that "ongoing techincal issues" are plaguing the latest patch, and that they have disabled Custom Game Saves, 3v3 Elimination Mode and 6v6 Capture the Flag as a precaution to see if that helps the issues.

"We don't have an ETA for when the technical issues will be resolved and these features re-enabled," Johnson wrote in the forums. "But [we] will provide updates in this thread as they become available."

Meanwhile, many people attempting to log in will be presented with a message that they are in queue, with some ridiculous number of people ahead of them (mine says 50,000, currently).

The Blizzard forums are reporting the same issues, with many people who were lucky enough to get into a game having been booted shortly thereafter.

We will update this story as more details are revealed.