ARMS Shows Off New Gameplay Including Character And Weapon Options

Following several quick announcements related to the 3DS, including an upcoming title called Monster Hunter Stories, today's Nintendo Direct showed off new gameplay for ARMS.

The ARMS presentation was primarily focused with demonstrating character and weapon options within the game. These will play an important role in providing gameplay variety, in addition to rewards to work toward.

In regards to weapons, all characters will have access to a variety of arm types, including Curve Type, Heavy Type, and Whip Type. By default only one will be unlocked, and the others are unlocked using a currency that's earned during play.

Several player characters were shown, with a focus on Minmin and Spring Man. Each of these characters play similarly, but have roughly two exclusive active or passive abilities.

For example, Minmin can deflect punches with jumping kicks, can grapple, and even transform her arm into a dragon for devastating offensive firepower.

Meanwhile, Spring Man is capable of emitted a wave of energy upon attacking, providing a little extra damage that the opponent needs to anticipate. In addition, at below 25% health his attacks automatically charge.

The gameplay video can be seen above in its entirety.