NES Classic Ends Production, Scalpers Rejoice

You might know the NES Classic Edition as a reminder of a great age in gaming. Or, you might know it as a console that has had you checking Amazon and other retailers routinely for months. No matter the case, you've heard about it, Nintendo knows you want one, and this week it's no longer being manufactured.

Speaking to IGN, Nintendo has confirmed that the NES Classic Edition has ceased production. No additional product will be manufactured going forward, and Nintendo has no intentions of changing that.

This discontinuation follows months of supply failing to meet demand. Although the console has an MSRP of $59.99, it has continued to sell for between $130 to $250 on sites like eBay and Craigslist since before its release.

It was recently made available on Amazon as part of its last wave of shipments, but was sold out within an hour. This injection of supply reduced the pricing of listings around the internet, although it will likely only be temporary following today's news.

This process of low manufacture quantity that fails to meet demand followed by discontinuation is a recurring trend with Nintendo products, including its Amiibo line-up and some games. This has outraged many loyal fans who have had no choice but to pay a premium to purchase these products second-hand.

In Nintendo's defense, it announced the NES Classic Edition as a short-term promotional item intended to celebrate more than 30 years since the NES' release in 1985.

The NES Classic Edition includes a retro inspired console, one controller, and 30 integrated games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Kirby's Adventure. It has been well-regarded among most gamers for providing a comparable experience to the original NES without some its nuances.