Nintendo Switch Will Likely Sell Over 7 Million Units In 2017, Says Research Firm

Yesterday's NPD Group release confirmed that Nintendo Switch is doing quite well since its existence began, with a confirmed 906,000 units sold in March in the U.S. The numbers secure Switch as Nintendo's fastest-selling gaming system of all time, beating out even Wii and DS in its first month on the market.

Now research firm SuperData is coming out with its own predictions regarding Switch, and if their calculations are correct then Nintendo is in for quite the year. Per SuperData's projections, Switch will shift over 7.2 million consoles in 2017, putting it over halfway toward the Wii U's total install base that took four-plus years to accumulate.

Also of note is SuperData's guess at the total number of Switch's sold in March. NPD's data accounts only for U.S. sales, but the current global estimate puts March Switch totals at 2.4 million consoles sold. If true, Nintendo's hybrid is already well on its way to achieving the projected 7.2 million in 2017, and could even exceed that number if holiday sales are particularly strong.

For comparison, Wii U's lifetime sales currently sit at 13.56 million, while 3DS hovers around 64 million. While surpassing the former seems almost inevitable at this point, getting within striking distance of 3DS would be another feat entirely. We won't know anytime soon if such an achievement is even possible, but it's certainly a nice idea. If future titles arrive sporting anything nearĀ Breath of the Wild-level attach rates, then it's a question that answers itself.