You Have To Start Over In Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ Expansion, And Players Aren’t Happy

Ghost Recon Wildlands has enjoyed a period of relative success. Receiving mostly positive reviews and smashing the UK video game charts, Wildlands was full steam ahead with the release of its Narco Road expansion, included with the season pass. In Narco Road, you have to infiltrate a gang in Santa Blanca, becoming one of them and taking them down from the inside.

What they didn't tell you is that you also have to create a brand new character. You are unable to carry over any of your progress from any other playthroughs. Starting Narco Road will give you a pre-set level 20 character with all the skills chosen for you. None of the weapons you unlocked in your main playthrough will be unlocked now, though you do have a wealth of attachments.

Suffice it to say, people are pissed. One of the most popular threads on r/Wildlands right now is simply titled "F*** this DLC." It's the same story on YouTube, and Twitter and pretty much any other public forum, and their feelings are understandable, especially in Wildlands.

"Narco Road is a new campaign, separate from you main game progression," Ubisoft confirmed for GameRevolution. "We wanted to offer a large piece of content with its own identity and challenges."

New weapons are scattered throughout the world map, and there's no word yet on if you'll be able to get all those weapons back in this new campaign.

Naturally, people who already maxed out their character are not happy with a level 20 character with not even half the weapons they received before. The only thing they want to know is: is it too much to ask to continue the story with your own characters?

[Editor's note]: The original version of this story indicated that you started with a level 1 character, but you actually start with a brand new, preset level 20 character. You do not get any of the weapons you unlocked previously, and you don't get to customize your skills. We have updated the story to reflect these facts.