StarCraft And Brood War Are Now Completely Free-To-Play, Download Here

Although an HD remaster of StarCraft will be released this Summer just in time for its 20 year anniversary, you can download and play the original game at no cost starting today.

StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War are now available for free with no microtransactions. Multiplayer is supported along with the entire campaign. The software has been made available on Blizzard's servers through an independent download that isn't visible on the Blizzard App.

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Alongside this news is the release of a v1.18 patch, an update that prepares the game for its upcoming upgrade to HD. It also fixes notable bugs, improves the anti-cheat, and adds an observer mode to bring the game up to modern spectator standards. The full patch notes can be read on the StarCraft blog.

You can download the free StarCraft client here.