Report: Nintendo Has A SNES Classic Edition In Development

Hot on the heels of news that Nintendo has decided to end production of its coveted (and, many would argue, artificially limited) NES Classic Edition miniature console, the company has now turned its attention to a sequel of sorts, if recent reports are to be believed.

According to EuroGamer, "development of the device is already underway," and is a main reason why the NES Classic Edition itself was discontinued. You might think Nintendo would wait for the wounds of disappointed, scorned NES Classic Edition non-owners to heal, but apparently this is of little concern if EuroGamer's sources are to be believed.

Per the report, it is believed that Nintendo will stay true to the "plug and play" setup that worked so well with the NES Classic before it, meaning a pre-loaded selection of classic games. If SNES Classic Edition does turn out to be real, then it will settle once and for all the debate about Nintendo's notorious supply issues.


If Nintendo repeats its supply issues with SNES Classic Edition, things could get ugly.

If history repeats itself exactly, then it will be pretty apparent that supply constraints are merely Nintendo's standard practice and the company's modus operandi. If the mini SNES arrives better stocked and more widely available, then perhaps there truly were genuine issues getting those NES Classic Editions churned out, with Nintendo ultimately giving up trying soon after. Of course, as with many things, the truth may fall somewhere in the middle.

The SNES Classic Edition will allegedly release this holiday, and as of now Nintendo has not yet commented on the rumors. In the meantime, check out our theory on what Nintendo had in mind discontinuing the NES Classic Edition. Here's hoping its rumored mini SNES finds its way to at least as many living rooms, if not far more.