WildStar Developer Carbine Studios Is Hiring For A New Project

WildStar, the hotly anticipated 2014 MMO crafted by World of Warcraft development defectors, may not have turned out to be what many hoped it would. Recent data shows its key metrics tumbling, while other NCSoft titles like Blade & Soul continue to rise in popularity. It may be surprising to learn, then, that Carbine is currently hiring for a new project, yet that appears to be exactly what's happening.

As pointed out by Massively OP and listed on Carbine's website, the positions available are as follows.

  • Lead Combat Designer
  • Senior Concept Artist
  • Senior Graphics Engineer
  • Senior Tools Engineer

Given the level of experience Carbine appears to be hiring, it suggests a new project altogether as opposed to continued support (unless WildStar is in for a huge overhaul). Knowing NCSoft, what's in store is very likely to be an MMO, but what could it be? A mere second attempt or mulligan at something similar to WildStar seems unlikely, and the listings themselves describe the contrary.

We'll find out soon enough, but if nothing else the folks at Carbine have moved me to the edge of my seat, and also reminded me that WildStar is in fact still running. Perhaps I'll sign in and take a look around.