Code Vein Is A Newly Announced Vampire Action RPG Coming In 2018

BANDAI NAMCO has announced Code Vein, an upcoming third-person action RPG with vampire themes.

In Code Vein you are tasked with uncovering lost memories in order to escape a nightmarish world. This world is one in ruin, with buildings collapsed and ghastly ghouls at every corner.

You play as a Revenant, a member of a secret society called Vein. Revenants have traded their memories for powerful abilities and an unrelenting thirst for blood. These abilities play an important role in the minute-to-minute gameplay experience, allowing you to perform flashy attacks in addition to transitioning between various forms that each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

While the world has a dark atmosphere you won't be alone. A companion will accompany you as powerful bosses and swarms of enemies try to take your life.

Code Vein has notably attractive graphics that are stylized with an anime aesthetic. Its presentation will play a major role in both the game's high-paced gameplay and "engaging story".

Code Vein is scheduled to release in 2018 on "major home consoles". No PC version has been confirmed.