XCOM Spiritual Successor Phoenix Point Announced, Will Be Crowdfunded

Snapshot Games has announced Phoenix Point, a spiritual successor to the XCOM franchise.

‚ÄčIn Phoenix Point an alien Pandoravirus has spread leading to mass extinction, leaving only remnants of human life in the known universe. Some humans were transformed into savage mutants, while others who managed to survive moved into isolation and created factions with distinct ideologies.

Your goal is to learn about what happened to other human survivors and rebuild humanity as it was once known. On the way you will face competition from not only aliens, but other competing human factions.

Directly influenced by the XCOM series, particularly the last two releases, Phoenix Point is played from a mixture of top-down and third-person perspectives that emphasize tactical play. There will also be an out-of-battlefield interface for making macro-level decisions before heading into combat.

Development will be paid for by a crowdfunding campaign, which is being host on Fig. $300k is estimated to be required to pay for development, although the company has installed a goal of $500k with multiple reward tiers.

Snapshot Games was created by a veteran designer of the XCOM series, Julian Gallop. The team's first game, Chaos Reborn, had a similar crowdfunding initiative and eventually released to positive critical reception in 2015. Phoenix Point is confirmed to have already been in development for more than 12 months, and has the above screenshots to show for it.

Phoenix Point will release in Q4 2018 exclusively for PC.