Controversial Interactive Movie Game “Night Trap” Gets 25th Anniversary Edition

It's not every day a controversial cult classic that people haven't talked about in a long time gets a next-gen port announcement, but that's exactly what happened with Sega's Night Trap, and its 25th Anniversary edition will be dropping on PS4 and Xbox One this Spring.

Now being ported by developer Screaming Villains, Night Trap was an interactive movie game that riffed on cheesy, over-the-top horror movies of the age, featuring a house of young adult women who are terrorized by vampire-like creatures.

It was controversial for its portrayal of women undergoing extreme violence, which many also deemed sexual in nature. This controversy went as high as the United States Congress, where taxpayer dollars were used to pay people to talk about the so-called scourge of violent video games affecting the nation.

While not grabbing the same headlines as a game like Mortal Kombat, which was also mentioned in these hearings, Night Trap was still among the games that led to the creation of the ESRB, the "optional" ratings board that deems content in video games appropriate or inappropriate for certain ages. For what it's worth, Night Trap's 25th Anniversary Edition is now rated T for Teen.

Night Trap's 25th Anniversary Edition may also have a PC release at some point in the future. When asked on YouTube why there's no PC version, to which they responded "We didn't say that :)."