Only 2.3 Million NES Classic Editions Were Made, And They’re All Gone

When Nintendo began manufacturing the NES Classic Edition in Fall 2016, it had no idea how much demand there would be for the miniaturized device. Initially released as part of a holiday promotional program, initial stock would sell out within hours.

Demand would continue for the months that followed as Nintendo only produced a small number of additional stock to meet demand. 

In total, only 2.3 million NES Classic Edition consoles were manufactured, as confirmed by Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime this week when speaking to Time. All consoles have been sold through to consumers at this point, leaving the fate of its pricing and availability in the hands of consumers.

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Reggie would describe that only 1.5 million devices were originally manufactured, and additional units had to be procured from additional manufacturing orders that weren't initially anticipated.

Nintendo has since transitioned the entirety of its focus to the Nintendo Switch, which has similarly seen incredible demand.

Originally retailing for $69.99, the NES Classic Edition currently sells for between $200 to $320 on second-hand auction websites like eBay, bringing in more than 150% profit for scalpers.

The original Nintendo Entertainment System would sell a total of 61.91 million units before its production would discontinue in August 1995.