2K Games President And Take-Two Executive Christoph Hartmann Has Left The Company

2K Games is a familiar name to most who've followed the videogame industry, known early-on for publishing the sports titles of Visual Concepts and later as the folks responsible for releasing BioShock, Borderlands, and more recently XCOM 2. In a statement today, Take-Two Interactive (2K's parent company) announced that it and 2K's longtime president Christoph Hartmann would be parting ways.

The statement was issued to Game Informer, offering few additional details as to why the departure might be taking place. Given that Hartmann worked at Take-Two for 20 years and helped found the 2K Games publishing division in 2005, it seems likely Take-Two has chosen to fully honor his privacy.


We can confirm that there has been a management change at the leadership level of 2K. For more than a decade, Christoph Hartmann has helped 2K to become an industry leader and we are grateful for his contributions and wish him well on his future endeavors. This change in leadership will have no impact on 2K’s current pipeline of titles in development, and we look forward to this new chapter in the history of our label.

There's little speculation to be had from such a straightforward statement, and the reality may be that Hartmann simply decided to change things up after two decades. Regardless, it's clear that 2K's release schedule is unaffected, and we wish Hartmann the best.