3DS RPG Ever Oasis Gets A Brand New Trailer

Grezzo's upcoming 3DS RPG Ever Oasis may seem like a minor event, but don't sell it short. The game is being directed by Koichi Ishii of Secret of Mana fame, and despite its kid-friendly look, aims to offer up substantial, classic RPG gameplay rife with exploring, dungeon-crawling, and battling. Gameplay also centers around building a "prosperous oasis" over time via missions and other tasks, hence its title.

Ever Oasis' release date is coming up, and as such Nintendo has put out an intro trailer to provide context and backdrop for the game's main story.

Ever Oasis' artstyle is on the chibi side of things and thus may not appeal to everyone, but I feel it rather suits both the game itself and its placement in the 3DS lifecycle. Despite several substantial games still releasing for the device, it's undeniably in its twilight years. Rather than sink hundreds of hours into a deadly serious, straight-face RPG, the notion of hopping into a cute, easy-going romp like Ever Oasis that still offers up depth sounds like exactly the sort of experience I'm looking for on the platform.

Ever Oasis launches worldwide for 3DS on June 23rd, so be sure to give it the time of day if its refreshed take on classic RPG style interests you. You may even want to consider a New Nintendo 2DS XL to go along with it, releasing just one month later on July 28th.