Golden Week Brings Nintendo Piles of Coins

Media Create has release its hardware and software sales figures, these coming for the festive string of national holidays Japan calls "Golden Week". Below are the software numbers, showing just how handily Nintendo is running the show, with 15 of the top 20 sellers being for Nintendo platforms.

1. (WII) Mario Party 9

2. (PS3) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

3. (3DS) Fire Emblem: Awakening

4. (3DS) Super Mario Land 3D

5. (3DS) Mario Kart 7

6. (3DS) Kid Icarus: Uprising

7. (3DS) Monster Hunter 3 G

8. (3DS) Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

9. (PSP) Conception: Please Have My Children!

10. (WII) Wii Sports Resort

11. (PSP) Pro Baseball Spirits 2012

12. (3DS) Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

13. (NDS) Pokemon + Nobunaga no Yabou

14. (3DS) Shin Sangoku Musou VS

15. (WII) Wii Party

16. (PS3) Pro Baseball Spirits 2012

17. (WII) Mario Kart Wii

18. (PSP) Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen

19. (3DS) Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin

20. (WII) Go Vacation

Hardware numbers have Nintendo flying high and almost every system seeing an increase over the previous week, with the only exceptions being the PSP and of course, Vita.

3DS – 91,868

PS3 – 23,478

PSP – 20,033

Wii – 15,789

PSV – 10,583

DS – 1,911

PS2 – 1,611

360 – 1,420

For Golden Week, in a year when there was not a giant tsunami 6 weeks prior to it, those are some freaking horrible Vita numbers. Since we're in the midst of (what people want to portray as a) 3DS vs. Vita war, it's worth mentioning that the 3DS shifted over 28,000 units during last year's Golden Week. This, despite not having any new software arrivals, not having as many titles on the market, not having as many big-budget games, being on the market two months less, and oh yeah, the aforementioned tsunami that devastated two prefectures while delivering a punch the economy's stomach.

I'm no d00m and gl00m preacher, and I love the heck out of my Vita, but dude, Sony's got to be concerned that its machine is continuing to severely underperform in its homeland.