Check Out This Overwatch-Themed South Korean Presidential Campaign Ad

The recent US presidential election was without-doubt an unprecedented one, and France looks to be following suit if recent debates are anything to go by. Still, be it Donald Trump or Marine Le Pen, I haven't seen anyone pull off what South Korean candidate Sim Sang-Jung just tried in a campaign ad last month.

No doubt looking to appeal to a younger audience (though notably, esports are universally popular in South Korea), Sang-Jung decided to merge her political ideology and campaign offerings with a "play of the game" style montage straight out of Overwatch. The ad even goes so far as to graft in consistent UI and font to match the game, not to mention the fitting background music. You can check out the ad below.

Frankly I have no idea if this came off as cool or cringe to the youth of South Korea, and though I like the idea myself, I'm also reminded of a certain someone's "Pokémon Go to the polls" remark during our own elections last year. To be fair, the Overwatch ad is far more in-depth than that, and at the very least exhibits a knowledge of the game from the staff responsible for creating it.

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