Prey Rolls Out Several Fixes To Corrupted Save Games, Infinite Material, And Other Glitches

While Prey was certainly a huge step up on PC compared to Arkane Studios' predecessor, Dishonored 2, that doesn't mean it was perfect. PC players have ran into a small amount of issues, some of which are more serious than others. But, Prey's first major patch claims to have almost all of them, doubling down on an announcement earlier this week that they were working to address them.

Finally detailed, and available today, Prey's 1.2 patch will address a fair bit of bugs. Namely, the issue with corrupted saves have been fixed. Not only that, the patch also claims to return previously corrupted save files to an uncorrupted state. Although, if you tried to edit the save file or deleted it completely, it may not work.

This particular fix is more relevant as of late. Yesterday, IGN picked up a fair bit of heat from Prey supporters for giving Arkane Studios' new title a 4/10, in part because the reviewer experienced multiple corrupted save games on his PC. This sparked a lot of controversy, with many people suggesting he should have waited for a fix before scoring his review, and others commenting how this bug only affected a small number of people.

The other major bug fixed is one that gives players infinite materials. There was a bug where you could recycle already-recycle material to yield double the material. Of course, this would mean you would never have to worry about running out of material, and you could always be fully stocked on medkits, ammo and other valuable materials.

There has been no word from Arkane Studios as to whether or not they will be addressing the minutes-long load times between levels for console players. We have reached out to Arkane Studios about this and will update if and when we get a response.

An interesting fix detailed on here seems more like a balance change. Involving the Nightmare, the large and difficult enemy that starts to hunt you whenever you use too many Neuromods on Typhon powers, this change will now make it so he hunts you every time he spawns, after getting to that level of Typhon powers. Before, he would hunt you the moment you crossed that threshold, but only when you encounter him physically upon subsequent respawns.

The entire patch notes can be read here. The update is available now via Steam, and will come to consoles at a later date.