Xbox Statistics: 42% Of Xbox Owners Are Female, 23% Live At Home With Parents, And More

During a panel at this year's Microsoft Build Conference, Microsoft opened up about the performance of the Xbox One before diving into statistics that represent the body of its install base.

At one point a slide was shown that shared several noteworthy statistics, labeled Xbox Owner Demographics. Among the data shown was gender, age, household living arrangements, and household income, each of which help paint a clearer picture of the composition of the Xbox's ecosystem.

Surprisingly, 42% of Xbox owners are female, the majority of which are 25 to 34 years of age. Nearly half live with their spouse, although 23% live at home with their parents.

Household income indicates that the Xbox ecosystem is dominated by middle income Americans, with 70% of Xbox owners earning more than the median household in the US with over $50,000 per year. The even split between two middle income brackets suggests that an overwhelming number of Xbox owners have an annual household income of around $75,000.

Other statistics included information related to socializing, exploring, and achievement hunting among Xbox owners.

Microsoft had little to share regarding the future of Xbox, which could be explained by the importance of its E3 press conference which is to be held in mid-June.

[Source: Windows Central]