A New Life Is Strange Game Is on the Way, DONTNOD Confirms

In a special message published by DONTNOD Entertainment on Square Enix's Blog, the team confirmed that they "are working on a brand new Life is Strange game". Though it made clear that the game will be released under the same IP, it isn't ready to provide further details.

The title and its development was spurred not only by a highly expressive fanbase, but also financial success—it has sold over three million copies to-date.

Though the timing seems perfect, DONTNOD made clear that the game will not be present at E3.

Life is Strange is considered one of the greatest narrative feats of the generation, having earned dozens of game of the year nominations despite a slow start, a rudimentary graphical presentation, and episodic release structure.

It is unclear if the new game will utilize any existing characters and/or the Oregon-based setting of the original. But judging by the wording used in the special message, it will aim for a similar gameplay and storytelling strucure.