Unreal Engine Gets Major Update, Now Supports Nintendo Switch

The Unreal Engine is the world's most popular choice among game developers. Used for Gears of War 4, Street Fighter V, Kingdom Hearts 3, among hundreds of other game releases, its wide adoption has made it a household name as it's continued to be refined over the course of more than two decades.

Today, Unreal Engine has deployed a new version numbered 4.16, further increasing its list of features. This new update includes a large number of new features, including the following, as stated in an official blog post:

  • New rendering features
  • New animation features
  • Performance improvements for mobile and console platforms
  • Quality of life enhancements
  • Volumentric Fog
  • Dynamic lightweight rigid body
  • Low level cloth simulation
  • Speed improvements
  • VR mode, Animation, and Sequencer streamlining

As important as the above list of features is for developers and gamers alike, the biggest topic item is the addition of Nintendo Switch support. Developers interested in making games for the console can now employ the world's most popular game engine, with its features that go beyond what has been seen on the console previously.

This support will aid in the Nintendo Switch's rising popularity as developers look to maximize its potential and deliver new experiences that harness its portable capabilities.