This Is Project Scorpio’s Trademarked Logo, Official Name Still Unknown

Microsoft has trademarked a new logo which features a large ‘S’ decoupled in the middle. The trademark is labeled as being console related, effectively confirming that it’s for the upcoming Project Scorpio console.

If true, it’s very likely that whatever the consumer version of the product is called, its name will begin with the letter ‘S’.


Some speculate that Microsoft has decided to keep the Scorpio title from its pre-production nomenclature. Though, this rarely happens in the gaming industry, such as in the case of Sony’s Project Morpheus, now known as PlayStation VR. In addition, during an interview on April 27th Xbox head Phil Spencer strictly said the console is not being called Scorpio.

Some names have been thrown around, including Xbox Super, Xbox Super X, Xbox S4K, and even (jokingly) SeXBOX.

The official naming of the console, in addition to its launch line-up, will be confirmed this Sunday at 2:00PM PT during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Stay tuned.