Xbox Series S reveal delayed until August 2020 – Report

The Xbox Series X is going to be launching in Holiday 2020, but that might not be the only console coming this year from Microsoft. Growing rumors suggest that an Xbox Series S may be on the way, too — and we almost got an announcement this month as part of Xbox 20/20.

Microsoft has begun its “Xbox 20/20” initiative this year as a way to get out news about its upcoming console in place of one big presentation. The cancelation of E3 2020 and other gaming events means that Microsoft (and most other companies) have had to rework their plans for big announcements. Xbox 20/20 was the solution.

Each month was intended to have several smaller new pieces of information alongside the occasional big reveal.  Eurogamer’s reporting on the matter notes that June 2020 has almost ended without any major announcements on Microsoft’s part. According to Eurogamer’s sources, Microsoft had intended to reveal the Xbox Series S this month, but it ultimately made the decision to delay this announcement until August 2020.

Xbox Series S X controller

That’s not the only hint we’ve seen thus far. A recent trademark revealed an Xbox logo with a prominent “S” that had been filed a few years ago, further lending support to the possibility of a budget-friendly console. Most recently, leaked documents purported to be from the Xbox Game Development Kit have included references to “Lockhart,” a code name that is widely believed to represent the Xbox Series X. (“Scarlett” was well-known as a code name for a Microsoft project and has since been revealed as the code name for the Xbox Series X.)

We can’t say for certain whether or not an Xbox Series S is on the way; either way, both next-gen consoles are likely to have dozens of games to play at launch. Those libraries will be enhanced with blockbuster titles like Cyberpunk 2077 — and an open-world Harry Potter RPG might be coming as a next-gen title, too.

Between Eurogamer’s sources and other leaks, we may indeed be seeing a cheaper Xbox Series S launching at the same time as the Xbox Series X for the Holiday 2020 season. A cheaper version of their flagship console, however, might not be the best idea.