Death Stranding Will Not Be at E3, Kojima Says

One of PlayStation’s most anticipated titles from one of the gaming industry’s most beloved icons, unfortunately, isn’t quite ready for the grand, public stage just yet. Death Stranding, the first title from the now-independent Kojima Productions, will not be at E3. The bearer of bad news? Hideo Kojima himself.

Apologies to our fans, Death Stranding will not be @ E3 as we are fully focused on development,” Kojima Tweeted.

This announcement is sure to break the hearts of many fans hoping to see more of this bizarre title that captured our interest with a cryptic trailer. Many places around the web predicted that Death Stranding would be at the Expo.

As of right now, Death Stranding has no predicted launch date, nor even an estimated window (i.e. 2019), so E3 would have been a great opportunity to shed more light on the details of the mysterious title.

Of course, not everyone is convinced by Kojima’s statement, and, in fairness, his production company has a reputation for shenanigans, earned most from hiding the announcement of Silent Hills behind a fake indie game demo on PS4. That said, as P.T. should tell us, whenever we’re tricked by Kojima, it’s always in flashier ways than a simple Tweet.