Nintendo Wasn’t Fixing Issues with Switch Accessories, So Nyko Did

The Nintendo Switch has all the makings of a flawed masterpiece. An innovative, appealing console with a promising early library of titles, but still many issues that haven’t been resolved – most of them of the practical variety involving Switch accessories – you can’t charge the Switch while playing un-docked, you can scratch the screen while docking, why is this pro controller $70?

With these issues growing, it seems Nyko has taken it upon themselves to fix and address these problems, unveiling a line of Nintendo Switch accessories that provide cheaper alternatives, and more importantly, alternative solutions to these problems. Can’t easily charge while playing un-docked? Nyko’s new charging station will do the trick Don’t want to haul around your home dock everywhere? Nyko’s portable dock can help with that, and avoid scratches on your screen.

Nyko’s new line will launch anywhere from July to Fall of this year, and the whole line can be seen here: