Metroid: Samus Returns Is Coming to Nintendo 3DS

After its E3 Spotlight presentation concluded this morning, Nintendo announced something unexpected: a new 2D Metroid game for Nintendo 3DS. The game features a 2.5D style that captures the feel of classic Metroid, and draws from Metroid II for Game Boy as its main source of inspiration (functioning as a remake similar to Zero Mission on the Game Boy Advance).

Titled Metroid: Samus Returns, Nintendo proceeded to show direct feed, live gameplay from the game as part of its Treehouse Live event. Among other features, the game utilizes Aeion abilities, special capabilities that perform useful tasks like uncovering hidden blocks or powering up certain weapons or strategies. More on the game is unfolding as we speak – you can check out Nintendo’s Treehouse stream here for up-to-the-minute information.