Friday the 13th: The Game Gives Out Retro Jason Skin, and More, to Apologize for Launch Issues

It’s no secret that Friday the 13th: The Game has had a rocky launch, and this started from the opening day. So many people were trying to log on to play Gun Media’s 1v7 asymmetrical horror game that servers crashed. PS4 players had a bevy of connection issues that weren’t resolved until recently, and Xbox One players could hardly play the game at all until even longer.

Gun Media and Illfonic have been taking well-deserved feedback on the chin, and, as they continue to work through the game’s technical issues, the development team has come up with a brilliant way to apologize:

This completely free update (optimistically called “Content Update #1”) will bring Friday the 13th players a series of content to be excited about. Skipping right to the end of the video, a new Jason skin based off the old (and apparently terrible) NES Friday the 13th game, but that’s hardly the only thing to be excited about in the update. In fact, the most exciting thing is the inclusion of free Customization Points.

Customization Points are used to unlock Perks for counselors, something we said in our review makes it infinitely replayable, and Gun Media is giving you 13,000 Customization Points – enough to unlock 26 more perks. In addition, this upcoming weekend will give double-experience, and, since 10% of your experience is converted into Customization Points, you will be able to earn those Perks a lot more quickly.

Time will tell how the game increases its stability over time (they’re certainly still working on it), but this is a great show of faith by Friday the 13th.