EA Trolls the Star Wars Movies with One Battlefront II Clip

Star Wars Battlefront II, as we already know, is a canon part of the Star Wars film series. Mixing eras in Battlefront II aside, whatever happens in the game happened in the same universe as the film series and vice versa.

But that apparently doesn’t deter EA from poking a little fun at the film series. In a tongue-in-cheek, nose-thumbing Tweet, @EAStarWars (the official Twitter account for Battlefront, Battlefront II and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes) had a good laugh at the movies’ expense.

Of course, it doesn’t take a hawk-eyed Star Wars fanboy to recognize the phrase “high ground” as the part of the infamously illogical line delivered by Obi Wan Kenobi during Revenge of the Sith: “It’s over Anakin; I have the high-ground.” You can watch the exact point in their final battle here. Of course, this is where Obi Wan removes both of Anakin’s legs and one of his arms after Anakin brazenly tries to jump to attack Obi Wan anyhow.

The only problem with this scene is that it doesn’t make any sense. For one, Anakin could have jumped to a different spot, rather than directly above him. For two, Obi Wan should have known that high ground doesn’t make all that much difference in the Star Wars universe, because it certainly didn’t matter in The Phantom Menace when Darth Maul was literally staring down at Obi Wan seconds before getting cut in half. For three (and believe me, we could go on), they had been fighting high and low, up and down, left and right for like five minutes prior to this boast by Obi Wan. What changed?

Because this clip EA Tweeted was of Darth Maul, some have taken that as an even more knowing reference by EA. All in all, this makes for a rather funny giggle and perhaps a sign that EA is willing to have some fun with Star Wars.