Glitchers in Friday the 13th: The Game Will Be Permanently Banned, Developers Announce

Earlier this week, when Friday the 13th: The Game developer Gun Media promised to address rampant glitches in their asymmetrical survival horror title, including punishing those who do it, I’m not sure anyone expected what was announced today.

While they’re still working through an in-game reporting system, people reported to the developers the old-fashioned way (screenshots and/or videos) are about to get a rude awakening. Gun Media announced today via Reddit a series of violations that can land players with a ban, and it isn’t just a slap on the wrist.

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Writes Gun Media: “Gun Media holds complete discretion on bans at this time and will work to improve experiences overall. However; at this time bans will be permanent for those caught breaking these major areas of concern” (emphasis added).

Actionable behaviors include the following

  • Deliberate third-party hacking software
  • Threats of violence/rape/sexual assault
  • Excessive racism
  • Deliberately helping Jason
  • Deliberate abuse of exploits
  • Pretending to be an employee of Gun Media or IllFonic

The most-relevant entry is the “abuse of exploits,” term, which applies to those who use glitches in the game’s physics to reach unintended locations, such as out-of-bounds areas or roofs of buildings, where Jason cannot reach. You can see one YouTuber below outline how to use one popular glitch.

Surely many people will get banned and then complain that it’s not their fault that these glitches exist. However, the sub-Reddit for Friday the 13th: The Game is filled with people bragging about killing fellow counselors who abuse these glitches, so it’s likely cries for sympathy will fall on deaf ears.

At any rate, the developers have steadfastly confronted these glitches, trying a few different fixes to these roof exploits, the most recent patch coming just yesterday. That said, even if they are fixed, more are likely to pop up. Just be careful about using it, though, as, for the time being, you will be permanently banned from playing.

As I said, though, an in-game reporting feature is still in the works, so you will have to send to [email protected] digital evidence of someone violating these terms in order for Gun Media to take action. As Gun Media posted on Reddit, “A screenshot will suffice for exploits, however the best bet remains video. We cannot and will not take action without proof.” You will also need to grab a link to that person’s profile, as there can often duplicate names.