Predator Hunting Grounds announced, from Friday the 13th studio

While there has not been a proper Alien game in a few years, Sony has announced Predator Hunting Grounds on its State of Play stream. It is an asymmetric multiplayer shooter that will come to PS4 courtesy of IllFonic, the studio behind 2017’s Friday the 13th. It due out sometime next year.

The trailer was pre-rendered and didn’t show actual gameplay. We only know it is an online asymmetrical shooter that pits soldiers against the Predator. It also might be a PS4 exclusive since “Sony Interactive Entertainment” appeared at the front of the trailer and it is a partnership between Fox and Sony.

CEO at IllFonic Charles Brungardt went on the PlayStation Blog to talk a bit about the game. He and his team are big fans of the series and the game is not only a passion project for them but they are also “expanding the lore of the Predator.”

Brungardt also said the studio is “building off our past successes,” meaning that the team most likely learned a lot from making Friday the 13th and is applying that to Hunting Grounds. It is one monster versus an as yet undetermined amount of humans, after all.

The humans are a part of the Fireteam and they are equipped with “state-of-the-art conventional firepower, from shotguns and SMGs to sniper rifles, and more.” They’ll have missions to complete while the Predator hunts them. IllFonic didn’t talk much about the Predator’s abilities outside of its Plasmacaster laser cannon. However, the trailer shows the monster’s cloaking device. It’s probable that many of the Predator’s iconic weapons will show up in this game like the Smart Disc.

Brungardt didn’t give many other specifics but he did state that we will learn more in the near future and that the game will have “surprises in store.”